Sunday, 30 June 2013

Visit to Waterloo

What had been planned as a Run to visit places in the wrong place eventually became a visit to Waterloo, a small village north of Perth, rather than the battle between Wellington and Napoleon, featuring the famous charge of the Scots Greys.
Click all images to enlarge - this is Lady Butler's Scotland Forever
Six of us met in Dobbies and struck off for a short stretch of the M9 to Dunblane (the bye-ways would come later). We passed the Queen Victoria school, for the children of Scottish servicemen. They often provide a pipe-band at Murrayfield.
Then on to Kinbuck and Braco, turning towards Auchterarder at the Roman Fort we visited last month. It's a narrow road but we passed along it without incident.
Auchterarder, with its fine shops, sits just beyond Gleneagles Hotel:
On to the dual carriageway A9 for a short hop to the turn-off to Fido Gask, crossing the Roman Road at the top of the ridge then turning east to head along the quiet road towards Huntingtower. Even in the grey weather, the Perthshire countryside is beautiful.
We drove north through Pitcairngreen to Bankfoot and Waterloo.
Then back to Bankfoot for lunch at the Inn. We were tempted by the Sticky Toffee Pudding but restrained ourselves. The smokers standing outside the Inn seemed unimpressed:
After lunch, we made a quick detour for Dunkeld, around the Mercat Cross and then back on to the A822 for Crieff. This is a lovely route which runs through The Sma' Glen. We stopped to admire the scenery.

And each other's MGs

We headed down to Crieff before going our separate ways.

The last Sunday in July seems to be a problem for many due to holidays etc. I will try to arrange an alternative date.
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